for feed stuff and wood sawdust
Crushers, flattening machines, batchers
CNO "Rezerv" is a Russian producer of farming equipment. It was founded in 1998. Since that time we have formed creative and highly professional team with vast experience in manufacturing of farming equipment. We produce granulators for fodder, wood sawdust, crushers, flattening machines, batchers, mixers etc.

Own foundry engineering
Carbonization of circumferential matrix
Domestic granulator GM-100 "Siberia"
790 $
  1. We use technologies and principles of work of industrial granulators producing domestic granulators. It provides domestic granulators with reliability of industrial granulators;
  2. The body of granulator is cast-iron;
  3. 220 volts.
Technical features:
  • Voltage: 220 V;
  • Motor: 2.2 kW, 3000 rpm;
  • Weight: 104 kg;
  • Size (LxWxH): 700x400x600 mm;
  • Max productivity (matrices 2.5, 4, 6, 8 mm respectively): 20, 40, 60, 80 kg/hour.
Granulators GM-150 and GM-180 are intended to be the parts of small feed-stuff factories. Vee-belt drive is used in their construction. The advantages of vee-belt drive are simple construction and longevity. The flywheel of granulator has big weight and diameter. Because of that inertia smooths the work of granulator. The consequence of this fact is a decrease of burden on the motor and bearings. Moreover, there are no high-wear details, there is no requirement for usage of expensive lubricating compositions.
Why many other producers of granulators don't use the flywheel and state that reducer is better? Because they can't manufacture the flywheel, they don't have foundry engineering and other equipment. Meanwhile the usage of reducer leads to frequent expensive breakages and rapid changings of reducers.
Highly-productive granulators GM-250, GM-280 and 4-roller granulator GM-280М are intended to be the parts of big farms and feed-stuff factories. Massive cast-iron flywheel with V-belt drive plays a role of a compensator of fluctuating loads and makes additional inertial power. It makes process of granulator's motor work easier. An angle countershaft is replaced by vee-belt drive which leads to absence of unreliable details. This construction is much better than any reducer because of its' reliability. Reducer resists radial load but it's not successful at resisting axle load. That's the principle of reducer's system.
Granulators can be used in manufacturing of grass meal or brewer pellet.
More products
Hay cutter is used for grinding of hay or wood sawdust.
Grass meal producing line consists of hay cutter and cyclone collector.
Roller grain crusher is intended to be used for crushing whole grains and big granules. Flattening machine can be used for flattening of grain.
Advantages of roller system
No dusting
No necessity of aspiration
High energy efficiency
On an equal footing (the same power consumption and size of production) the productivity of roller crusher is 15-40 % higher than productivity of traditional hammer crusher
Low sound level
No necessity of additional sound proofing
Low vibration level
Homogeneous grinding
Simple regulation of roller space
Reliability of rollers
Batcher provides a granulator with uninterrupted supply of raw materials. Optimal pace of supply can be set. Complex of granulator and batcher-mixer or a couple of batchers creates a permanent production of mixed fodder.
Our company produces several types of pellet granulators which can be used for producing pellets and fuel briquettes. It is a reliable equipment for recycling of wood waste. Domestic granulator is intended to be used in households, while industrial granulators are suitable for recycling of different types of wood waste of carpentry units and furniture factories as wood and laminated chip boards' sawdust
Raw materials requirements: Milled wood sawdust with 6-12 % moisture
In addition to this, pellet granulators can be used for granulating of cellulose, grass, hay etc.

Our contacts, address of factory
4, 2-ya Krajnyaya street, Omsk, 644012, Russian Federation

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